Commit to Love for Your New Year’s Resolution

This is the time of the year when so many of us make promises to ourselves and to others that we rarely ever keep!  These so-called “New Year’s Resolutions” sound good when we make them but, all too often, we ignore them by Valentine’s Day.

You know the familiar refrains – I will lose weight.  I will quit smoking.  I will call my Mom at least once a week.  And the list goes on.

How about you do something different this year.  How about making a New Year’s Resolution you plan to keep!  Why not commit to making love your New Year’s Resolution?  More importantly, why don’t you make a commitment to tell someone you deeply love that you really love them – and that you will say it several times every day in 2010!

Make this the year you promise to never commit the egregious sin of saying, “Oh, I don’t need to tell her (him) I love you.  They know I love them.”  Wrong!  If you love someone you must tell them everyday.  You must tell them how important they are in your life.  You cannot possibly love someone with all your heart and all your soul and not tell them everyday of your life.  It is simply not possible.

To find out why read the full article: Making Love Your New Year’s Resolution

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Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz
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