Positive Examples of Marriage Abound

Positive examples of marriage and long-term relationships abound — they are everywhere! Successful and long-term relationships are the single greatest contributors to social order in the world today. And it is our profound belief that a focus on marriage, morality and values is a good thing.

Our 26 years of research on six continents of the world with thousands of successfully married couples, demonstrates that the same definable characteristics for marital success hold true across religions, cultures and continents. Through our blog, we look forward to exchanging ideas with you about love, marriage, and relationships.

By America’s #1¬†Love and Marriage Experts
Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz
For more marriage advice visit their website Simple Things Matter

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    Katie James Says:

    This is something I am really interested in. Can’t wait to follow this blog.

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